Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why Is This Dang Dawg Shedding In February?

I cannot BELIEVE the amount of hair that falls off of Baby B. Unreal. It's changed the color of my dining room rug! What makes it worse is all of this static electricity in this house - dry, electric heat.

I got that big loopy combing thingy from my vets' (All Paws in Upper Marlboro, MD) onsite groomer. Big dawg can't stand that thing. He's already eaten that brush that had the little balls on the end (he seems to love the residual cat flavor).

Between Gohan and my two Pomies, I have to keep one of those Pet Hair Adhesive Rollers in every room. I even have one in my car now.

I'm seriously thinking about saving all of this fur for spinning and knitting . . . but that's another blog. :)