Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh, I Wasn't Supposed to Chew That?

Needless to say, Baby B. has been teething for over a year now. Nothing is safe: flower pots, chairs, laptop power supplies, cute little velvet gift boxes, Velvet ottoman, wood trim around the patio door, solar garden lights, ipod cable, new pair of Merrills SCREEEEEEEEEECH!!!!!!!!!

Oh No My Fuzzy Brother! Don't even get a taste for shoes. Your life is in serious danger now! You do not EVEN look into the closet of a non-recovering 'shoeaholic'.
Sure, I let you chew up my 'garden only' sneakers. I thought that was a good example of reuse and recycling. But you actually went into the closet, opened a shoe box, and commenced to chow down on a new pair of shoes that I had only worn once. Then you tried to hide it under my bed and your big head got stuck. Did you really think I wasn't going to notice?

Sorry about the apoplectic fit. However, you don't go within 4 feet of my closets now. Smart dog.
I wuv my 100 lb. meathead.

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