Sunday, July 29, 2007

This is why I Have to Watch Big Dawg Like a Hawk!

Just like a toddler, that clown touches everything with his mouth. I constantly find bills and other papers with his signature nibble. We started to call him "The Nibbler". Nothing is safe within his reach (and believe me, this dog can reach anything) - paper, plastic, venetian blinds, jeans, ipod wires, laptops, flower pots, file cabinets, slippers, ottomans, duvets - just to mention his first course!

I'm so afraid he's going to swallow something really dangerous like this St. Bernard puppy.
3.jpg (image)
Elsie, a 6-month-old Saint Bernard, swallowed a 13-inch serrated knife. After an operation, the pup had an 8-inch scar but was otherwise fine.

No amount of bones, toys or diversions keep my 'nibbler' away from experimentation. I'm just hoping he grows out of it.

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